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Non-Surgical Facelift

A youthful face is one with clear skin, full facial contours and a naturally lifted face without wrinkles and folds. Do you desire a youthful naturally lifted appearance of your face, brows and/of the neck without having to go under the knife?


There is now a relatively new, minimally invasive option for lifting and tightening the aging sagging skin of the face, breast and body without the need for surgery. FDA approved Euro Threads are thin, flexible, absorbable sutures made up of polydioxanone or polylactic acid that are inserted underneath the skin to immediately lift the sagging tissue into a more youthful and rejuvenated position.

How Does The Non-Surgical Facelift Work?

These barbed sutures are the same suture materials commonly used by board-certified Plastic Surgeons for many years in many of their tummy tuck, breast lift, facelift, and arm lift cosmetic procedures. These barbed sutures have been modified so that they can be placed under the skin without making an incision which means no scars, with fewer risks and less downtime. Even though these sutures have limitations in that they are not permanent, the ability to immediately lift sagging tissues to restore areas of the aging face and body to a more youthful appearance with no surgery, no scars, minimal risks and downtime is very appealing to our patients

Ideal Candidate

Mild to moderate sagging skin of the face, brow and neck; medium thickness skin; wants to avoid surgery and scars; no known allergies to suture material particularly polydioxanone; no active or history of infections; realistic indications

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Thread Lift FAQs

  • What to Expect?
    • A thorough consultation is provided to listen to specific aging concerns of the face and what may be realistic outcomes from the use of thread lifts
    • No aspirin or blood thinners 7-10 days prior to procedure
    • Wear loose comfortable clothing and no make
    • Pre treatment photos will be taken
    • The treated face area will be cleaned with sterile soap and water and topical numbing cream will be applied. Sometime a small amount of local anesthetic may be injected to make the treatment more comfortable
    • The threads will be inserted to the aging area of the face or neck and gentle upward massaging of the threads is performed to “lift” the area of sagging skin
    • a small amount of Vaseline will be applied to the insertion sites for 24-48 hours
    • ice x 24-48 hours recommended for any swelling
    • NS Lift is similar to a surgical facelift without the incision and scars associated with a facelift. This technique was developed and performed by highly experienced board certified Plastic Surgeons. In properly selected patients, the NS Lift will lift and rejuvenate sagging areas of the face that cannot be achieved with neurotoxins, dermal fillers or lasers alone.
    • NS Lift combines 1. Lasers (FaceTite by Inmode) using radio frequency directed beneath the skin surface to heat up the collagen and elastin fibers, 2. Barbed threads precisely placed to lift the sagging jowls, cheeks, brows or neck 3. Anchoring sutures are placed deep in the soft tissue to hold the sagging skin in a more youthful position while the heated collagen and elastin fibers mold into place
    • This is similar to putting a slice of cheese (collagen and elastin fibers inside your skin) between 2 pieces of bread (bread is your skin). Place in a microwave oven (laser) to melt the cheese. Now take the melted cheese sandwich and gently slide the top bread forward (lifting the skin) and allow it to set into place(collagen and elastin fibers forming)
    • In the NS Lift, a laser is used to heat the collagen and elastin fibers (“the slice of cheese”) under the skin (“the slice of bread”). The barbed sutures are used to “lift” the sagging skin without any cutting of tissue. The lifted skin is “anchored” to the deep soft tissue to hold everything into place as new rejuvenated collagen and elastin fibers form to create a very natural and longstanding result
    • A thorough consultation with our plastic surgeon to discuss facial aging concerns and options for rejuvenation: surgical versus nonsurgical
    • Photographs are taken. Details and risks of the NS Lift procedure are discussed to ensure realistic expectations for the patient.
    • 60-90 minute office based procedure under local anesthesia and nitrous oxide
    • No aspirin or blood thinners 7-10 days prior to the procedure
    • Light meal prior to procedure
    • Wear loose clothing and no makeup
    • Face is prepped with marking pen and cleansed with chlorhexidine soap and water. Minimal shaving of the hair just in front of the ear for placement of anchoring sutures. Topical numbing cream applied followed by local anesthesia injections along with nitrous oxide.
    • FaceTite laser applied below skin surface across area of facial skin to be lifted. Barbed threads are placed to lifting specific sagging areas such as jowls, cheeks, brows and neck. The threads are anchored to the deep soft tissue just above and in front of the ear similar to what is done during a facelift procedure (but no cutting or scars!)
    • A light facial compression garment with a light dressing is placed
    • Ice and head elevation 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off first 24-48 hours
    • Very light activity such as walking permitted first 48-72 hours
    • Shower and light shampoo after 24 hours
    • Avoid physical exercise x 7-10 days
    • Expect swelling and bruising 7-10 days or longer
    • Final results at 4-6 weeks and expected to last 2-3 years and longer

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