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Buttock or gluteal enhancement is a surgical procedure designed to improve the shape, increase the size and lift the buttocks. This is accomplished with either fat graft transfers, gluteal implants, contour liposuction or removal of excess sagging skin. Similar to what contributes to the aging face, we have the 4 Ds of the aging buttocks.

  • Deflation: loss of volume from fat deposits
  • Descent: loss of skin elasticity leading to stretching out of skin
  • Deterioration: appearance of cellulite
  • Dynamics: loss of muscle tone

Buttock augmentation with fat grafting involves transferring fat from unwanted areas in the body into the deflated tissues of the buttocks. The best results are achieved with high definition liposuction of the lower back, love handles and abdomen to define the contour of the buttocks and transferring this fat into deflated areas of the buttocks to create an “apple shape”. This technique is referred to as a Brazilian Butt Lift.

Buttock implants are silicone filled devices that are placed deep within the deflated tissues of the buttocks. They are very effective when there is a lack of fat that can be transferred and is also predictable in maintaining the same size where you tend to lose up to 50% of the volume during a fat transfer procedure.

Unwanted hanging skin around the buttocks can be a result of many factors: weight fluctuations and weight loss, hereditary and the aging process. This will result in a sagging buttock which can be corrected by surgically removing excess skin above to lift the buttocks or unwanted extra skin below the buttocks to create a more youthful gluteal crease.

There are nonsurgical options for gluteal rejuvenation for people who are not willing to undergo a surgical procedure. Cosmetic injectables such as Sculptra or hyper diluted Radiesse will increase volume of the buttocks by stimulating collagen production through multiple needle injection treatments but these treatments will require ongoing maintenance. Barbed threads (e.g. Eurothreads) have been used to provide some degree of lift to the sagging buttock but again is limited both in the amount of lifting as well as longevity. Radiofrequency energy devices such as BodyTite and Morpheus has been shown to be effective for treating cellulite of the buttocks. Emsculpt is a noninvasive device using electromagnetic energy to hyperstimulate the gluteal muscles to increase tone, bulk and ultimately volume.

These nonsurgical options might delay the time when a surgical buttock enhancement procedure is needed or complement the results of a surgical buttock lift. As with all nonsurgical options, visible improvement can be achieved but not to the same level or longevity seen with surgery.


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  • Am I a good candidate for a buttock enhancement/gluteal rejuvenation procedure?
    • You desire improvement in shape of your butt, increase size of your butt and your butt to be more lifted
    • You are in good medical condition and nonsmoker
    • Stable body weight
    • People with significant weight loss do NOT respond well to fat transfers alone and may require removal of excess skin plus fat transfers
    • You have full understanding of details, risks and expected outcomes of a buttock enhancement procedure
    • You have realistic expectations
  • What should I expect at my consultation?
    • Listening to your concerns of the appearance of your butt and specific goals: improved overall shape; increase overall size of butt; more lift of your butt
    • Evaluation of general medical conditions, medications, allergies, previous surgeries, exposure to smoking, height and weight
    • Examination of gluteal area with attention to size, shape, contour abnormalities (“hip dip”) and skin/soft tissue laxity. Assess amount of unwanted fat deposits in buttocks as well as other potential donor sites of back, flanks, abdomen and thighs. Assess presence of cellulite. Assess if excess skin needs surgical removal especially in patients with significant weight loss.
    • Take photographs
    • Discussion all options for treatment
  • What are the risks of a buttock enhancement procedure?
    • Bruising and swelling 1-2 weeks
    • Bleeding
    • Minimal scars with Brazilian Butt Lift
    • Infection
    • Asymmetry
    • Numbness and altered sensation
    • Nerve injury
    • Firm lumps under skin from fat necrosis
    • Anesthesia risks
    • Scars, poor healing along incisions- skin removal procedure
    • Seroma – pockets of fluid accumulation
    • Blood clots
    • Skin loss
  • What should I expect at my buttock enhancement (Brazilian butt lift) procedure?
    • Depending upon how much fat is removed, either outpatient or overnight stay under general anesthesia
    • Approximately 2 hour procedure
    • After fully informed of details and risks of the procedure, surgical markings are placed by the surgeon
    • Dressings and compression garments are placed
    • No ice packs placed to the buttocks
    • Patient is discharged home once stable, taking oral fluids and medications
    • Return to office within 24-48 hours for dressing change
    • Light activity including car driving and lifting under 10 lbs 10-14 days
    • Full activity including exercise and unrestricted lifting after 4-6 weeks


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