EMSCULPT Rehoboth Beach


EMSCULPT is FDA approved for treatments on the abdomen and buttocks. This is a noninvasive treatment that helps sculpt the body by building muscle. This noninvasive technology uses electromagnetic energy to cause muscle contractions. It can increase muscle mass by an average of 16% and an average of 19% of fat reduction on the abdomen. For the buttocks there is also an average increase of 16% of muscle mass. EMSCULPT helps tone and strengthen the abdomen muscle and for the buttocks it helps tone, firm, and strengthen as well.


It is a 30 minute treatment and we recommend 4 sessions. You can do the treatments once a week for 4 weeks or twice a week for 2 weeks.


What to Expect

  • The treatment feels like an intense workout minus the sweating. It’s done while you are laying down so you can relax
  • There is absolutely NO DOWNTIME
  • You will be able to start seeing results usually 2 to 4 weeks after your last session and it will continue to improve


Who are candidates?

Everyone can benefit from doing EMSCULPT treatments, but we have seen spectacular results in patients who have a BMI of 25 or less.



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