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Reasons for breast implant removal in patients with breast augmentation or breast reconstruction

  • Ruptured or leaking implants
  • Excessive scar tissue that may build up and form around the implant shell
  • Concern for Breast Implant Illness
  • No longer wants breast implants due to heaviness, too large or personal preference

Breast implants are not lifelong devices and the average life expectancy is around 10-15 years or possibly longer. These implants do not have be removed unless there is a problem related to it and should be discussed with your Plastic Surgeon.

Often the scar tissue that forms around the outside implant shell is soft and does not require removal. Sometimes, it may harden causing pain, discomfort and distortion. During these procedures, the leaking silicone gel and the majority of the breast capsule is removed.


“He is truly an artist. 1000% pleased.”

5 5 Star Rating

I had Explant surgery with Lipo and fat transfer to my breasts in January with Dr. Chang. He exceeded my expectations. Referred by many Drs. And previous patients. Dr. Chang and his staff were phenomenal. He is truly an artist. 1000% pleased.

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  • Am I a candidate for breast implant removal?
    • Have realistic expectations
    • Are you physically healthy, nonsmoker, stable body weight
    • Are bothered by the appearance of your breasts
    • Are you experiencing discomfort or pain
    • Are you experiencing hardness of your breast implants
    • Are you concerned about a ruptured or leaking implant – imaging study, smaller size, uneven, softer
    • Do your breasts feel too heavy
  • What to expect at your consultation for breast implant removal?
    • Since there are many options associated with breast implant removal procedures, surgical goals and realistic expectations are discussed – implant removal with or without removal of breast capsule; any testing of the breast capsule; replacement with another implant or leave implant out; breast lift with implant or breast implant with no implant; breast lift with fat transfers; fat transfers alone
    • Evaluation of general health status and risk factors
    • Take photographs and examine and measure breasts
    • After listening to surgical goals and realistic expectations and a comprehensive examination performed, surgical options are outlined and a source of treatment is determined
    • Discussion of likely outcomes and any potential risks or complications associated with breast implant removal surgery and other adjunctive procedures – implant replacement, breast lift, fat transfers…


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