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Breast Revision Surgery • Breast Implant Revision Surgery • Breast Reconstruction Revision Surgery

Over time, not only the body may change but the breasts and breast implants may also change size or shape creating a less desirable appearance or feel to the breasts. For cosmetic breast surgery, there is usually a limit on the lifetime warranty on the breast implant device where after ten years, the costs associated with having surgery to replace the implants are no longer covered. For reconstructive breast surgery following breast cancer treatment, future procedures on the breasts will most likely be covered under their health insurance plan but needs to be discussed with their plastic surgeon during their consultation. Breast revision surgery on prior breast surgery NOT for breast cancer such as breast reduction or breast lift are NOT covered under health insurance.

Breast, breast implant/ breast reconstruction revision surgery is not a routine procedure and needs an in depth consultation with your plastic surgeon to outline your goals and realistic expectations. Therefore, it is important that this type of surgery is performed by a board certified plastic surgeon who is well trained and experienced in all types of breast aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries. Your surgeon needs to be willing to listen and understand the individual patient’s concerns and goals and will develop a surgical plan that will hopefully achieve your satisfaction.

The goal of breast, breast implant or breast reconstruction revision surgery is to improve the overall appearance of the breasts following aesthetic breast surgery or breast reconstruction surgery on breast deformities from breast cancer or non cancer treatments, which could include:

  • Replacing old breast implants with new implants either same size, downsize or upsize based upon patient preference
  • Reshaping the breast implant pocket in order to reposition the implants into a more natural and symmetrical location on the chest
  • Adding a breast lift or breast reduction
  • Adding fat transfers to create better breast shape and balance


There may be several reasons for a patient to consider breast revision surgery

  • Implant rupture or leakage
  • Migration of implant leading to asymmetry and/or distortion
  • Desire to change the size of the breasts
  • Gradual sagging of the breasts over time
  • Discomfort from scar tissue building up around the implant shell (capsular contracture)
  • Desire to change from saline to silicone gel implant
  • Prior breast reduction or lift procedure without implants who wants fuller or perkier breasts


Who are considered candidates for breast implant/breast reconstruction revision surgery?

  • Patients who underwent previous cosmetic breast implant surgery, reconstructive breast surgery following breast cancer treatment or breast reduction/breast lift procedures
  • Unhappy with appearance, size or shape of breasts, breast implants or breast reconstruction
  • Concerned about condition or longevity of your implants
  • You are physically healthy, stable weight, nonsmoker and have realistic expectations


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