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Nonsurgical options for body contouring include technology that uses heat, cooling, ultrasound, electromagnetic energy, placement of threads or an injected medication to either reduce fat, firm or tighten loose sagging skin, treat cellulite or tone muscles.

While none of these nonsurgical treatments are a replacement for liposuction and other cosmetic surgeries, they provide many options to choose from for patients unwilling or unable to undergo surgery. Since patient demand for rejuvenation of the body continues to grow at an exponential rate, the emergence and availability of so many nonsurgical body rejuvenation devices makes it difficult and somewhat confusing for the patient to make an informed decision of what procedure to choose.

These nonsurgical devices use technology that delivers some form of energy source to your body’s tissues to either target your fat cells (adipocytes), collagen or elastin fibers (skin) or muscle fibers. The goal is to either 1. reduce fat deposits 2. tighten loose skin 3. improve cellulite (combination fat deposits and loose skin) 4. build up muscle. The only downside to these nonsurgical body contouring devices is they do not achieve results similar to the more invasive surgical procedures. These nonsurgical treatments are designed to achieve up to 25-30% of surgical outcomes and these results are not always predictable and cannot be guaranteed. However, the ability to combine multiple different technologies and devices on the same treatment area may produce overall better outcomes.

These nonsurgical body contouring procedures are designed for patients who are unwilling or unable to undergo invasive cosmetic surgeries and are willing to accept a lesser final outcome that is still noticeable to them in either overall appearance or wearing clothing to achieve patient satisfaction. Although nonsurgical body contouring are not as predictable or profound in results, when properly selected, good candidates will achieve natural and noticeable rejuvenating results.

Another advantage of nonsurgical body contouring treatments is its versatility to treat so many problem areas of the body without scars, risks or downtime. These areas include belly roll, others areas stomach, love handles, bra rolls, bra fat, under arms, inner thighs, saddle bags, banana rolls, inner knees, cellulite thighs and buttocks, flat buttocks and more.

The approach to choose a particular nonsurgical treatment for body contouring should be exercised in a similar manner when compared to cosmetic surgeries

  • Am I considered a good candidate for this nonsurgical body contouring procedure?
  • How do the results compare to a more invasive body contouring procedure while great attention into managing the patient’s expectations?
  • What should I expect at my consultation for nonsurgical body contouring procedure?
  • What are the risks associated with these procedures?
  • What should I expect at the time of my treatment, how many treatments and how far apart, what is my recovery, when should I see results and what will be my anticipated outcomes?


“Very thankful!! Highly recommended!!“

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My whole life I had a vision of what I wanted my body to look like. Pre-children and even after delivering 3 babies which included twins. I would go to the gym and work hard with no avail. I finally made an appointment with Dr. Chang. After spending 2 hours with me for my “free” consultation I knew that Dr. Chang understood my expectations and wants. Dr. Chang exceeded my expectations. Very thankful!! Highly recommended!!

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FAQs About Non-Surgical Body Contouring

  • Am I a good candidate for nonsurgical body contouring procedure?
    • Nonsurgical body contouring devices work well on patients who:
      1. Have MILD to MODERATE deformities such as excess fat deposits, loose skin and cellulite
      2. Skin tightening more effective on patients with medium thickness skin not crepey thin skin
      3. Unwilling or unable to undergo a cosmetic surgical procedure
      4. Has realistic expectations that the final outcome may only reach up to 25-30% of what would be achieved with surgery
      5. Understand that more than one treatment may be required to maintain their results
    • Patient has areas of concern in their body related to excess fat deposits, sagging skin, cellulite or lack of muscle tone
    • Patients want to avoid the scars, downtime and risks that are associated with invasive cosmetic surgeries
    • Patient has realistic expectations that final results may only reach up to 25% of what could achieved with the more invasive cosmetic surgeries
    • Patient understands that more than one treatment may be required and some results may not be permanent such as skin tightening procedures
    • Patient has stable body weight that is within 30% of their ideal body weight
    • Patient’s areas of concern are mild to moderate whether fat deposits, sagging skin, cellulite or muscle tone (patients that are overweight, poor skin tone with severe skin sagging, severe cellulite and severe diastasis are NOT considered good nonsurgical candidates)
    • Patient who is physically and mentally healthy who exercises regularly and has a good diet
  • What should I expect at my nonsurgical body contouring consultation?
    • The KEY(S) to achieving patient satisfaction for nonsurgical body contouring treatments are PROPER PATIENT SELECTION and SETTING REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS
    • Patient will meet with one of medispa team members (medical assistant, nurse, physician assistant or plastic surgeon)
    • Listening to your areas of concern on your body
    • Evaluation of your general medical condition, medications, allergies, previous surgeries, implantable devices such as pacemaker or defibrillator, metallic implants such as hip replacements or spine surgery, presence of hernias, sites of potential infections or rashes, exposure to smoking, alcohol or drugs
    • Examination of areas of concern on your body. Assess the amount of fat deposits, sagging skin, muscle tone and cellulite. Body weight and height measurements taken
    • Photographs taken
    • Treatment options are discussed and the differences in expected outcomes between nonsurgical and surgical are also discussed
    • Treatment details, risks, recovery and realistic outcomes are discussed
  • Which nonsurgical body contouring device or technology is right for me?
    • It all depends if you have set proper expectations that you want to pursue an nonsurgical approach to your body rejuvenation
    • You understand what are the expected outcomes and limitations of nonsurgical body contouring treatments
    • Nonsurgical body contouring devices are based upon what body concerns are to be targeted
    • Nouveau Medispa offers the most comprehensive collection of nonsurgical body contouring devices in the Delaware Valley region. The unique advantage of offering many different options of devices with different forms of energy sources is the ability to create a customized treatment plan for each patient. Every patient is different in their body form with respect to amount and type of fat cells (“soft fluffy”, “medium” or “hard fat”); amount of loose skin, skin quality and thickness and distribution of fat deposits (localized love handles, belly rolls, saddle bags, bra fat etc… or diffuse fat all over the stomach). Having to treat so many patients of different sizes, shapes, skin and fat types is the main reason to have many different nonsurgical body contouring devices with different energy sources to treat many different tissue types. The distinct advantage of invasive cosmetic surgeries is the ability to aggressively treat all different patients with different tissue types with predictable, impressive and long lasting results.
      • Fat reduction
      • Cooling: Coolsculpting
      • Heating: Vanquish, Contoura BodyFx, Contoura MiniFx, Evolve Trim, Morpheus
      • Ultrasound: Ultrashape Power
      • Skin tightening (all radiofrequency heat)
      • Exilis Ultra
      • Contoura BodyFx
      • Contoura MiniFx
      • Contoura Forma
      • Evolve Firm
      • Morpheus
      • Virtue
      • Cellulite
      • Contoura BodyFx
      • Contoura MiniFx
      • Virtue
      • Muscle toning
      • Emsculpt
      • Evolve Tone
  • What should I expect during my treatment and what is my recovery?
    • Unlike invasive cosmetic surgeries, there is really no preparation for your nonsurgical body contouring treatments except coming in with realistic expectations
    • Prior to Emsculpt or Evolve Tone treatment, perform sit-ups at home and count how many consecutive sit ups performed. Compare the number of sit-ups 4-6 weeks after last treatment
    • Pretreatment photos will be taken
    • Wear comfortable clothes, eat a light meal prior, no restrictions on medications
    • No restrictions on any physical activity after treatment
    • Instructions for next follow up treatment will be given
    • Post treatment photos will be taken 4-6 weeks after last treatment for comparison
    • Continue regular exercise and proper diet


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